Youth of today finally ‘get it’

[FLORIDA] In a major breakthrough in inter-generational understanding, reports are coming in from Seniors around the world that the youth of today finally ‘get it’.

In a press conference held in Boca Raton, Florida, a spokesperson for those aged 65 or more gave warm appreciation to the effort, guts and sheer hard work seen in the 20s and under.

“It’s really quite impressive”, the spokesperson admitted. “They’ve had to deal with a doubling in population, a planet heading for environmental meltdown and a world financial system in freefall, all at the same time.  We just had a post-war economy and growing liberalisation to establish. That was just so much easier.”

“So hats off to them, they really do get it”, added the spokesperson, raising his felt-lined trilby hat.

Similar statements made at retirement capitals around the world re-emphasised the general appreciation from the older generation.

“Mind you,” added Lily Ollie, the spokesperson for the United Kingdom speaking from Cornwall, “that middle-aged bunch - they’re completely useless. They just need to pull their socks up, stop complaining and get on with it.”