Webcam-Sex Turned Down by Tampa-area Youth

[TAMPA] In a move that has left a number of his friends concerned and confused, Tampa area teenager Geoff Munro has turned down the offer of webcam-Sex from Spanish lingerie model Soraia Costa.

The offer, sent by email with a link to a photograph of Ms Costa, came with an offer of mutual webcam sex.

“I’m really disappointed,” Ms Costa admitted. “I put myself out there posting up those images on Dropbox then emailing them out to a spam list. What I was really trying to do was find a way - any way - to catch Geoff’s attention. Seems stupid now. God I’m so embarrassed.”

Although declining to go on record, when pressed for comment Mr Munro shrugged and agreed we that he “didn’t know” why he just deleted the email invitation.

According to close friend Ya Jin the whole thing was “just weird.” He went on, “we were just hanging about checking stuff out, when this email came from this totally hot Spanish girl. All he had to do was email back. I mean, it doesn’t get easier than that. No way I’ll ever understand that, dude.”