‘Anonymous’ Facebook Launched

Following on from the recent announcement of Tor support by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), the Social Media giant has announced its intention to launch an entirely anonymous service. “We’ve found that our users consistently worry about their personal data being available on the web,” explained Vince Claughlin, VP of Anonymity Services. “We hope that this will be…

But chillax, I still like you, my fake Facebook friend

Invention of Don’t Like button the end of it for BFFs on FB

But chillax, I still like you, my fake Facebook friend A post meant to warn parents of a pedophile who moved into the neighborhood meant the end of over a decade of friendship between two mothers in northeast U.S. The alert was published on social networking website Facebook by 27-year old Shelley Blerston of Mt.…

September 10, 2013 in Facebook.
Dangerous benchwarmers

Tragic tweet from soccer mom causes off-field collision

Star sprinter takes it in stride, surely an outlier of GenY It was a calamitous end to another rousing rematch between the soccer teams Defeeters, the witty homegrown talent of Amberley View, and the rival TuffStuff from the more illiterate but athletic suburban district across the strip mall. Just seconds after the match ended, 7-1…

August 23, 2013 in Life Fail, News, Pinterest, Twitter.