Life of International Cybercrime ‘only option’ for undereducated youths

A report published today by Action Now American has highlighted the social crisis faced by children from deprived backgrounds who are now turning to a life of international cybercrime as their only escape from poverty.

The report, which follows an in depth study of geosociopolitical trends amongst 15-17 year old white males, finds over 47% have in the past or are now involved in cybercrime on the world stage. Of those, 65% are developing Advanced Persistent Threats along multiple attack vectors to multi-national and governmental secure networks, 37% are exploiting common psycho-social weaknesses to execute complex social engineering attacks and 15% claim to be probing publicly available source code as well as enterprise architecture test beds in order to uncover zero-day vulnerabilities.

“I just can’t see a route out,” admitted one gang 15 year old gang member. “I’m left with just a college degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, an innate understanding of the connected world, extensive knowledge of current and future consumer electronic and software products, and a neighbourhood that literally smells. There really is nothing else I can usefully use my skills on.”

Most of the cases the proceeds of the crimes went to buy street drugs, personal weapons and RAM upgrades.