‘Anonymous’ Facebook Launched

Following on from the recent announcement of Tor support by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), the Social Media giant has announced its intention to launch an entirely anonymous service.

“We’ve found that our users consistently worry about their personal data being available on the web,” explained Vince Claughlin, VP of Anonymity Services. “We hope that this will be an attractive alternative.”

The service, names NoFace.com, bears the same livery, design and feel of the original, but contains no personal information whatsoever. Users cannot upload photos, tag names, post information on their own wall or the wall of their friends or fill in a brief profile.

The famous “like” button has also been removed.

“Although Liking something is harmless enough, by triangulating likes and follows each user develops a unique fingerprint, Mr Claughlin went on to say. It’s the. child’s play to use this to identify the user. It just had to go.”

The terms and conditions for the new service are also greatly simplified, reflecting the constraints that an entirely anonymous user base would have on practical legal proceedings.

It was unclear as we went to press how the service will be monetised, but in guidance released to shareholders the board noted that they were ‘confident’ they’d find some way.