87% Would Spend Bitcoins online “If it made them rich as well”

In what is being seen as a major coup for the Bitcoin, a poll of online retail users showed that over 87% would be prepared to use the cryptocurrency to make online purchases “if it made them rich as well”.

The findings come after concerns that liquidity in the Bitcoin network was drying up as Bitcoin early-adopters held on to the coins waiting for another bubble.

“What we really need,” admitted Cryptonomist Huge Teller in an interview with Ownileaks, “is for people to use bitcoins in everyday transactions. That’s the economic activity which will add value to the market, add liquidity and help Bitcoin achieve its full potential as a revolutionary store of value.”

The poll showed evidence that public concerns around the cryptocurrency were being address. However, a significant majority felt that as well as providing a convenient transaction mechanism, bitcoins should also provide a lucrative route to early retirement.

“I really wouldn’t mind using them,” admitted Jill Powt, a staunch user of online retail websites. “Before doing that though I’d need to be sure that it was secure, dependable and would give me at least 5000% appreciation overnight. If they can crack that, then I’m in.”