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NSA Webcam found in German Chancellor’s Shower

By Scott, October 25, 2013

BERLIN. In an escalation of tensions between long term buddies Barrack Obama and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor claimed earlier today to have found a small webcam hidden in a shampoo bottle.  According to informed sources the bottle, of US manufacture, was pointed at her shower.  The revelation follows a series of leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden in The Guardian that the NSA had been bugging the Federal Chancellor’s mobile.

Merkel, who had been said to have been “livid” over the mobile incident, was reported to have gone “absolutely apoplectic with rage” when she found the device.

“You think you know who your friends are”, said Ms Merkel’s best friend and Ambassador of the Federal Republic, Plenipotentiary Peter Ammon.  ”Then this happens.  It’s just creepy - really creepy.”

“And she also has suspicions that he’s hacked her Facebook account, but she’s not sure.”

President Obama has been said to have had a crush on the Bundeskanzler since his first year as a world leader, when Ms Merkel showed him where to get the cheapest beers in the UN building in New York.  Sources close to the President have admitted before that “he just can’t stop talking about her, like he’s some kind of stalker.  We’ve tried to get him to stop, but he’s just locked on.”

Ms Merkel is still considering whether to report the incident, or let it slide this time.

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